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Adding the Audiobook success factor

Many narrators tend to keep themselves isolated from the authors they are working with.  You give them your story, they record it, send it to you, and that’s it.

Long term, it is in both of our interests for your audiobook to be a success. 

These are services offered absolutely free and exclusively for audiobooks I am narrating. 

Social Media Snippets

During the creation process we are in an enviable position of having exclusive material that your readers haven’t heard yet.  Narration they would just love to hear.

So why not tempt them with it a little?

To promote your new audiobook, I can use snippets from the recordings as we go, create a short video (typically 1-2 minutes long) that can be posted on social media, absolutely free of charge, it is in BOTH of our interests after all.

This does two things:

  1. It lets readers know the audiobook will be released soon
  2. It gives them a feel for the story

Given that videos on social media are shareable this will organically attract a larger audience than just a post on launch day.

Podcast Listeners

I am lucky enough to host a very successful podcast (around 45,000 listens a month at the moment) so if your book is a good fit with my listeners then we can do a full thirty minute excerpt reading, just to get them even more excited about your audiobook.


We all know reviews are a great way of converting listeners thinking of buying into sales.  As you have readers who would just love a review copy of the audiobook, I have listeners who would also enjoy a review copy. Because they already love my work, the reviews are more likely to be positive.


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